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EzeePC Bagpipe Chanter Reeds have been the result of many years of research, development and experimentation. From an initial design fifteen years ago, much time and energy has been spent and many changes have been made in order to achieve pipe chanter reeds which provide good projection, good finger response and efficiency.

Careful selection of the best cane, combined with the use of "state of the art" cutting, profiling and measuring equipment, has resulted in greater consistency throughout the entire manufacturing process and consequently in improved reeds.

All EzeePC pipe chanter reeds are individually tested and fine-tuned, by our skilled personnel, in order to meet our high standards of performance and tonal balance. They are then graded Low, Medium or High Resistance before being approved for distribution.

Selection and adjustment of a pipe chanter reed is an art in itself and one which may take some time to develop. As with drone reeds, however, there are certain basic procedures which should be followed in order to simplify the process and allow you to obtain a really good-sounding bagpipe. For comprehensive guidance in setting up EzeePC pipe chanter reeds, please click here. Specific questions may be directed, via e-mail click here to email


EzeePC Bagpipe Chanter Reeds are also available for Scottish Small Pipes and Border Pipes. As these reeds are made from natural cane and are particularly sensitive to the effects of moisture, they are best suited to bellows blown pipes.